Working Both Sides

I’m always so tempted to just practice and practice everything on my strong side or in my normal current and neglect the wonky side. It’s much more fun that way! But that is just so wrong. Ambidexterity is huge for flow, and it’s dumb to blow it off.

I made up this sequence today for working my arms. BOTH of my arms!

Linear iso out to the side, then weave behind. Bring up on other side for a reverse weave, then continue turning to face front again, bringing the hoop under the arm. (I’ve seen this turn called a lot of different things, I just call it a reverse weave turn because that’s how it makes sense to me.) Do an isolation, allowing the hoop to continue in its same direction, then reverse the direction and do an iso going the opposite way. Switch hands and do another iso the same direction, but with the other hand. Now you can repeat the whole thing on the other side!

(If you want to see what it looks like, go to my instagram and check it out there.)

In general, front isolations like these are a convenient place to sneak in an elegant little hand change without it being too obvious in the middle of your dance.

Have fun!